The Most Important Rule Of Fasting

You are making constant efforts to lose your extra pounds, and no matter how hard you try your scale keeps showing the same number of pounds. You get confused and frustrated, maybe even wonder if there is something wrong on your body functioning.

Many times, what happens is that we are misinformed and make terrible mistakes that instead of helping us lose weight, keep us weighing the same despite our sacrifices. Let´s take a look at the most common mistake that may be spoiling your slimming diet.

Commonly, people who decide to lose weight drastically turn to light products. CATS You open their refrigerators or kitchen cabinets, and all the food shows the “light” label. A big percentage of the “light products addicts” are convinced that these light foods will not make them gain weight, so they put their defenses down and eat with fewer restrictions than before. No matter if they are light, all meals add calories to your body!!

Sometimes what happens is that these light products have the same or bigger amount of calories than regular ones. For instance, sugar-free products substitute refined sugar for substitutes such as fructose that also provide calories, Besides, in many sugar-free products add calories in the form of fats. So the calories you do not get from the sugars, you get from the fats.

There light products that really have very few calories, so they are recommended for anyone in a weight loss diet. But people need to be careful here. These products that add very little calories do not make us feel satisfied.

As a result, people tend to eat large amounts of them. This brings a big hazard to the slimming purposes. Overeating makes our stomachs enlarge, and it becomes more and more difficult to feel full. Consequently, these persons end up feeling hunger in a constant basis, making it very difficult to stick to a weight loss diet.

We don´t say that light foods are not advisable, we only say that you should still take care.


There is a weight loss diet that uses the biological cycles to help us lose weight. It is called the Circadian Diet, a diet aimed to accelerate the metabolism, suppress the appetite and control the hard-to-fight- addiction to sugar or sweets.

Appetite is one of the reasons why we eat fattening meals at night, the other reason is addiction. The Circadian Diet intends to control those negative impulses and to fasten the calorie burning process. The goal is to let people eat satisfying amounts of food, and remain thin.

What the Circadian Diet does is teaching us how to adequate the foods we eat to our circadian or natural biological rhythms.,,20800897,00.html Sunlight affects our hormonal rhythm, so we have to adapt our eating habits to those natural undulations. Doing so, we encourage the transformation of nutrients into muscle mass and energy instead of into bothering fats.

The day/nigh cycles generate modifications in the central nervous and endocrine systems. These are the circadian rhythms. Absence or presence of sun or light is perceived by our eyes, travels up to the brain and reaches the pineal gland, our biologic clock.

At night is when the body uses the stored fats, so it is necessary to control our hunger and our addiction to carbohydrates during night-time. On the contrary, breakfast is a key player. It is what has to fasten the metabolism, provide us long lasting energy, suppress hunger and control our carbohydrates addiction.

Basically, we should eat as soon as we get up. Our breakfast must include proteins, carbs, fats and fruits. Yes, you can have pasta, meat or beans for breakfast. In the Circadian Diet, no foods are forbidden. However, we have to know at what time of the day we can eat them in order to achieve the desired goal of losing weight without having to decrease our food intake.

It is just about changing habits. call

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To achieve a fit, younger, sexier and toned body, it is necessary to lose weight and increase the muscle mass. One could achieve the weight loss goals by simple dieting, however, to gain muscle mass it must be accompanied by physical training, being weightlifting the most appropriate training.
To lose weight and gain muscle simultaneously, the diet plan needs to address both goals.

The diet plan needs to make you lose weight without making you lose muscle.

It is mandatory knowing that just reducing the caloric intake will not suffice. There are certain groups of nutrients that need to be present in your weight-loss/muscle gain diet:

You diet must contain a 40 to 50% of carbohydrates, but you must eliminate refined carbs, such as: refined sugar, bakery and bread. Instead, you must receive your carbs from vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts. It is advisable ingesting them before physical training so that the body can use them to obtain energy.

The proteins intake must be 20 to 25% of the total caloric amount you ingest. You should receive the proteins from egg-whites, fat-free meat, and fish, which are rich in omega 3 and 6. Avoid saturated fat.

If you think that fats are forbidden you are completely wrong. You need to receive a 25% of your daily calories from fats.

Consume mainly mono and polyunsaturated fats, such as omega 3 and omega 6.Olive, corn and soy oils are recommended.

Finally, to maximize your slimming diet and your training, you have to watch the timing of your different meals. SCARF Carbohydrates should be taken in breakfast, mid-morning snack and lunch, while proteins should be eaten in the afternoon and evening.

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The best thing to do is to check with your doctor. Describe what you feel, when it happens, and how long it’s been going on.

Once you know what the cause is, you can look into all things that would help, which may include physical therapy, exercise, and diet changes, as well as supplements.

Check which supplements are good for which types of pain. test Ask your doctor what’s OK for you to try. Some can affect your health or medicines that you take.

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